Proms for Life - Interview, Evening Wear, & Prom Items

Juelz Apparel loves giving back.

We want to donate to High School Proms, people in need of interview items, and/or people who need evening wear! To qualify for these items please contact Keondria Placencio at (270) 303-6605 or email at

Our Mission

I created “Proms for Life” to help teen girls and I want to extend the same help to ALL women. There are ending milestones from puberty, high school, and woman hood. 

Life will always present you with a prom milestone. You will look around and see I am in the place of transition, again. Where glory on this level has been revealed and I am facing the student life of a new adventure!

With that, we wanted to promote and celebrate transition, creating a mental place holder that empowers and encourages women to embrace their journey.

Our goal is to help women with the following:

  • Understanding their purpose

  • confidence building

  • Positive self image


Proms for life appreciates your support! Whether it’s your time, dresses, or financial donations, we welcome it, and thank you! To donate, please contact Keondria Placencio at (270) 303-6605 or email at!