About Us

My Family 

My name is Keondria Placencio. God created me to make life stand up everywhere I go. I am a woman who creates her way through life. I am a woman who specializes in teaching purpose. I also specialize in collaborating with individuals so they can live the life Jesus gifted them with.
I have a hard time finding clothes that I feel confident in.
I am a curvy woman who wants to feel bold, beautiful, and classy in her clothes. I want a blouse that moves with my curves and an accessory that decorates my personality.

So I created Juelz Apparel. Juelz Apparel is a plus size clothing and accessory online store. We specialize in finding colorful, beautiful prints, and bold patterns for plus size women. Juelz Apparel is for women of all walks of life.

We call a beautiful, curvy woman "Thick Madame". A Thick Madame moves gracefully through life. Her clothing and accessories are a representation of  her identity. We strive to offer clothing and accessories that will show the world who she is. 

I hope to help the Thick Madames' of this world feel beautiful, bold, and confident as they live the life Jesus has for them!

Mission Statement
Juelz Apparel's mission is to provide clothing and accessories that accentuate the curves of a woman.

Vision Statement
Juelz Apparel's vision is to provide clothing and accessories that make the woman feel bold, beautiful, and confident while living a purposeful life.